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Rags & Riches Confessions

Aaliyah’s eyebrows were ALWAYS on point. She knew something we didn’t a long time ago.
Awww Miley , that is so nice if you 😩👏😢

Tom Ford - London Fashion Week - Spring 2014

Beyoncé @ the 2014 VMAs

RIP Aaliyah 8/25/2001.
Still one in a million!

blue ivy carter dances to ***flawless

10 Powerful keys to unlock your life.

Key #1: You have to let go of what is past. Who wrongly defined you. Who put you in the cage. Time to run FREE in the wild!

Key #2: You have to surround yourself with other creatures of your LIKE AND people that will pull greatness & passion out of you! 

Key #3: In order to survive you need a Mentor and a Role Model. Our relationships are our greatest assets.

Key #4: If you don’t let go of “it” whatever it is—it won’t let go of you.

Key #5: Look at your life and ask “what have I been given and what can I do with what I’ve been given? 

Key #6: You are IT before you can become IT! Find the thing you were created to be so you can stop wasting time! 

Key #7: Learn to see & LIVE on your level of gifting. You’re not created to function on a level beneath you.

Key #8: Shut your mouth sometime. And listen. Pay attention learn from the living of others. 

Key #9: You have to speak back against the words of haters to keep their words from impregnating you w/ negativity!

Key #10: You have to bury your fear and expose your talent. You have to get out of your cage. And thrive in the wild!